What we do

We focus on the music industry, and offer to choose us for successful and high-quality work in sales or to create new hits in the music world.


Use our platform and start earning today with your music


On our platform, you will undoubtedly find music for your single.


We offer you mixing and mastering your compositions, whether it be a beat or a song.


Let us create for you what will bring special attention to your composition.


Mixing & Mastering

We understand how important it is to finish what is started
and we are offering to you not to look for new disappointments
in the most important stage of your work,
namely in mixing and mastering.

Every musician or producer knows
that a good mix and mastering is the key to the success
of your song or composition in sales or advertising.

Since we work in different musical genres,
we have learned to understand customer
requests and give maximum results in sound quality.

Without limiting yourself in ideas and opportunities,
we offer you our service of Mixing and Mastering,
as we are sure that you will be satisfied by choosing us and get exactly what you need.

if you do not understand the difference between mixing and mastering,
we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our articles that will explain everything to you in stages.

Go to the article on the link ➜ «Mixing & Matering»

To order this service click «here»


Sell your Music

After much research and study all prototypes
we have collected all the most necessary,
removed all the flaws and developed the ideal platform especially for you.

1-We have developed new algorithms for searching for music.

2-Our site has been developed on two platforms
in order to make it convenient for you to use on any device and in any place convenient to you.

3- We protect our sellers and buyers with a legal contract
that pledges to abide by everything so that neither side suffers from a bad deal.

4- Our algorithms also allow site visitors to see
which of the producers or musical composition receives the highest sympathy.

5- Our packages are designed specifically for safe sales,
so that the musician (Producers / Beatmakers)
does not waste time thinking about how to protect himself.

6- We make sure that every producer gets his rights when selling his work.

7- Our platform is more than an online store,
we are ready to hear the wishes and refine them.
We have created a category for useful publications
both in the educational form and for exploring our musicians.

8- We have created a platform for the best developments to date.
We know what exactly you need,
since we ourselves are musicians and create musical compositions.
We know exactly how difficult it is to be heard
and are ready to develop exactly the platform
that will be your home and a big stage where you can
find people according to your spirit,
taste and work together, create new musical masterpieces.

9- We offer access to a new level of sales on the international market
(USA, Russia, Europe, etc.) and earn on what you love and what moves you through life.

10- we can list all our advantages for a long time which we have ,
so do not hesitate to register and join those who are already at a new level.



Today, we all use the gestures of art in order to convey

our inner world to everyone around us,

and the music is complemented by art and image (COVER) to enhance this effect.

We often spend a lot of time to find the right picture (COVER)

for our upcoming album, song or beat for sale.

We understand that images help us convey our thoughts and inner feelings,

images will emphasize and attract the listener before listening

and help reveal what the faceless music file contains.

We offer you this service because we understand its importance

and significance for you, we want your works ( Beats, songs )

get maximum sympathy from people ,

so that those who have not been familiar with your art can notice you ,

so that you can expand your audience.

Choosing us, we will always help you stay visible even in the dark.



Everyone knows the feeling of not being satisfied with a bad deal or bad service.

We all know how difficult it is to make money and we all appreciate them

because we understand that in order to earn them we donate our time

and therefore it’s important that when you spend them on something they should bring joy us.

In ProperBeat, we understand this very well and therefore

we want each of our clients to be as happy as possible

when purchasing any service on our platform.

We have thought through the system

so that each purchase is made easy and convenient.

We guarantee high security to our customers,

our technical support will answer all your questions as soon as possible and will help solve